Latex size doesn't go above \Large

What I’m trying to do

I wish to the size options above \Large, which are \LARGE, \huge, and \Huge. But, any size above \Large renders as \Large for me.

I have seen it render properly in this post, so it probably an issue on my end.

Things I have tried

Tried using it on a new vault, switching themes, but no changes.

This is the same for me too. From inspection, these commands are all rendered as <mjx-mstyle size="Lg">.

I’ve increased size for all Latex for now, so I’d have let it be if not for the fact it seems to be working for the person on that post I linked to.

You can retry once with sandbox vault and if it’s still not rendered as the linked post, you can create a bug report. From the post, I don’t know if these commands used to work but not anymore or it has never been worked before (because the render for \binom is quite uneven to me).