Is there a way to change a specific math formula with desired size

I used to use $\huge$ and $\displaystyle$ to enlarge some math expressions like integrals in a line. But is there a way to make the math expressions in a specific size?

For example, when I type binomial coefficient $\binom{n}{r}$, the standard size of this expression is kind of small, but using the “displaystyle” makes it too big in a line. Thus I want to only “customize” the size of this expression without affecting other math expressions. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance.

Hello @Yingky,

You can accomplish more specific sizing using the Mathjax scaling. There are nine distinct sizes[^1],

  • \tiny
  • \scriptsize
  • \small
  • \normalsize
  • \large
  • \Large
  • \LARGE
  • \huge
  • \Huge

Alternatively, you can scale all sizing values using custom css [^2],

mjx-container {
font-size: 120%;

[^1]: Reference Image of the Distinct Mathjax Sizing

[^2]: mjxContainer.css (36 Bytes)

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