LaTeX inside toggle switch

Hi, recently I came to know that you can create toggle switches in Obsidian. For example, you can ask a question and hide its answer inside a toggle switch named ‘Show Answer’ that shows you the answer when you click it. But unfortunately toggle switches dont allow you to write math blocks inside. Is there a way to write math inside toggle switch, for example using latex??
Also, if I am to post this to a more appropriate category, should I direct it to plugin ideas or feature requests?

I am completely new to both Obsidian and this forum and any help will be appreciated.

How to create the toggle switch?

Thanks for the information.

<details> <summary>Short Summary</summary> <p>text to hide</p> </details>  

It also works here in the forum:

Short Summary

text to hide

I think you can use the fold indent and fold headings to get a similar functionality. And at the same time, the equation works.

Apr-14-2021 21-08-54

Thank you very much. I didn’t know about this folding functionality. The only downside is that even if I want to use this to ask a question and hide its answer, I have to do it through list, thus adding unnecessary bullet symbols. But since this serves my purpose, I will mark your reply as solution. Thanks again.

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