Knowledge Organization, Cataloging and Classification in Obsidian - Community talk by @brimwats

Knowledge Organization, Cataloging and Classification in Obsidian

Type: Group Discussion
Expected Duration (min): 60
Presenter: @brimwats

Longer Description by presenter:

This is a tentative proposal to see if anyone is interested in this topic or would like to collaborate on making it a reality! Please feel free to contact me on the forum or Discord if you’d like to participate.

Technical Requirements: None

Please use this link to let them know when you would prefer the talk to be based on their available time slots. You can find the voting poll here to get an outline of the talk.

Update 2021-05-10 - We needed to postpone the talk to the 1st or 2nd week of June. Please add your votes again on this link to find a new time slot : Obsidian Community Talk: Knowledge Organization - When2meet

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this talk, or share any thoughts/comments! :smile:


I would be interested!

Please note the following:

Where are the talks held? I can’t find any link to the talks. I also can’t get to view calendar as my browsers will not up the calendar from click.

The link will be announced in Discord, see

Thanks. Not a discord power user, and took me a little to figure out the whole add a like to tags in message. Thanks for clarification.

Here’s a link to an unlisted version: