Meta - Community talks

This is a meta thread to collect questions and relevant links for the community talks. Please feel free to post any questions or comments about the community talks in general. For questions about a specific talk, please use the dedicated post for that talk (you can find a list of posts below).

What are community talks?

Obsidian Community Talks are community-organised presentations given by Obsidian users. Anyone is welcome to offer to give a presentation, and you can also request a talk. The topic of the presentations can be a professional or personal interest, linking to how Obsidian helps you in the process. The format can vary as you wish; one could have a collaborative project where the audience participates in solving a problem, for example. Have fun with it!

Get involved

For anyone interested in “Obsidian Talks”, we have created two Google forms:

Please feel free to complete either of the forms if you wish to get involved! The forms don’t collect email addresses, so only the information you decide to share will be captured.

You can then go over to this thread to vote for the talks you’re interested in: Obsidian Talks Voting Post - Which talks do you want to hear?


Past talks

Original Inspiration :sparkles:

View this post to see where the original organisation happened.


Where are the talks announced?