Keyboard shortcut to rename links in a note

Use case or problem

Renaming can be done with a right click, but It’s not practical to need the mouse.

Proposed solution

Add a command (and thus ability to have custom hotkey) for the rename function


use F2

This does not work when renaming a link in a note.

The behavior of F2 is to rename the name of the current note.

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I renamed the title of this request to be more clear

Ok sorry, I read in rush

+1 with this, I use my keyboard a lot and sometimes I quickly jot down new notes with temporary names. Would be great if it rename was hotkeyable or accessable from the command palette.


I am also looking forward to not using the mouse to rename links within the note

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+1 space hotkey for renaming files/folders

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You can now use shift-f10 or the command show context menu under cursor.

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Shift-F10 does nothing for me on Mac. And why not Shift-F2, would be easier to remember.

+1 on this
It could also work on headings (for renaming them).

Shift + F10 just opens the context menu and you still need to navigate it an select the rename option which is annoying and takes time. Better than using your mouse, but still slow.

Could you please add the functionality to the command palette so it can have a proper shortcut?

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On second thought, I think an even better way would be to make the F2 keyboard command context-aware where it would trigger a link rename if there is a link under the cursor and a file rename if not.

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Hey, @cristian,

This issue kept bothering me, so I made a plugin for it. I wonder if you could check it out and give me some feedback (if you can of a better name for the plugin, that would be great too :D). It’s not in the community plugins yet, but you can install it manually or through BRAT.

You can map the “Rename File or Link” command to something like F2 and then it would trigger a link rename if there is a link under the cursor and a file rename if not.

There is the additional “Move File or Link” command that moves the linked note under the cursor or moves the currently open file.