Keyboard navigation for all the lists in sidebar

Use case or problem

I do not want to leave the keyboard for selecting a search result, a tag, a backlink, or a outgoing link in the sidebar.

Proposed solution

Create sidebar focus mode. I do not have to remember many keyboard shortcuts but only KEY1 and KEY2.

  1. Editor
    • KEY1 to go 2. Sidebar list. Focus on last visited pane.
  2. Sidebar list
    • Arrow key to move through list.
    • Enter to select the item (same as click)
      • Open file to go 1. Editor
      • Collapse or Expand folder
      • go to Search pane (from Starred or Tag pane)
        • then focus on 3. Sidebar search bar now, but change it to stay in 2. Sidebar list, focusing on search results.
    • “Search current file” shortcut key to go 3. Sidebar search bar.
    • Tab to
      • go 4. Sidebar menu. Focus on last visited menu.
      • focus “Link this file” button in Unlinked mentions.
        • Enter to link.
    • Shift + Arrow key to “Show more context”
    • Esc to go 1. Editor.
    • “Focus on pane xxxx” shortcuts to move through panes.
      • KEY1 to go to previous pane. Switch between 2 panes.
  3. Sidebar search bar
    • Esc to go 2. Sidebar list
  4. Sidebar menu (icons on top)
    • Tab to focus the next menu (to the right).
    • Enter
      • to toggle on/off
      • to open the menu list (“Change sort order”)
        • Arrow key to move
        • Enter to toggle on/off
        • Esc to go 4. Sidebar menu
    • Esc to go 2. Sidebar list

Add a KEY2 after the known shortcuts to show a pane in the sidebar; then they also move focus to 2. Sidebar list. (if it is possible to chain character keys in keyboard shortcuts like Logseq)

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I hope my English makes sense and am sorry for the long message.