Keyboard navigation between Windows Panes

What I’m trying to do

I use the laptops touchpad which often doesn’t work at critical times, therefore I really need a navigation keyboard to help replace the mouse for navigation. I have read some forum and some has fixed solution, but I can’t fix it.

Things I have tried

Based on Hotkey to navigate between panels - #10 by malecjan, switching pane can be assigned by commands:
“Focus on pane to the left”
“Focus on pane to the right”
But I can’t found anything than:

Focus on tab group is whole different function, it doesn’t navigate panes.

The other way, I have done using cycle through panes but has no Focus on pane to the left/right/up/down.

The cycle through panes function is not what I meant, it’s only navigate the top left panes.

Is there any solution for the problem?

Do the tab-related options (focus on tab, go to tab, etc) do what you need? When you are in a tab group, you can then move between tabs, can’t you?

The navigation I mean is not for tabs only, you can also do the panes navigation on your desktop files explorer or browser, the default function are using F6 and Shift+F6 to navigate.

As of Obsidian v1.0, “panes” are now “tab groups” (or just tabs, as in “backlinks tab”, etc). The post you linked to was from before v1 came out. As @anon63144152 asked, what’s not working for you with “Focus on tab group to the right” and the others?

Oh well, I see where is this going. The function focus tab group is working well, at first glance I didn’t quite understand the function of tab group is made for Split right or Split down navigation.

However, what I want to achieve is the windows panes navigation. The reference is Guidelines for Keyboard User Interface Design | Microsoft Learn

The title should be Keyboard navigation between Windows Panes, and changing editor-legacy tags to ui-ux because it was inaccurate.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No worries! There are a lot terms and the documentation is in flux, but it’s getting better and better. I often have to check if I’m using the current term for X.

I use Windows, but I’m more comfortable with the mac. Maybe someone can jump in who knows more about what you are trying to do.

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What do you think of when you say panes? It seems like you’re not referring to any tab groups of open documents, which we’ve already have covered can be accessed using the commands above.

Are you thinking about the sidebar containing stuff like the file explorer, search panel to the left, or the tags, outline or inlinks and backlinks panels to the right of the tab groups?

In the latter case, there isn’t a dedicated command to open the side bar as such, beside the “toggle right/left sidebar” commands which just show/hide the respective sidebars.

There do however exist commands to show the various panels, as seen below:

Sadly, these don’t actually set your keyboard focus to the panels either. Not sure if it’s possible for most of these to actually receive keyboard focus at all.

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I changed the title and tag for you. (For posterity: title was “Keyboard navigation between panes”.)


Yes, I aware of the command. So there are several potential features that can be developed.

I thought the feature is already exist, i cannot make FR before knowing it. If there is already a FR similar to this topics context, please let me know before I make it, because I confuse with by the term Windows Pane or Panes or whatever it is.

For me, pressing hotkey for “Files: Show file explorer” actualy does set keyboard focus to the pane. At least up/down arrows navigate the list, left/right fold/unfolds folders and Enter opens the file selected in the list.
I just tried it now in Obsidian v1.2 while reading this thread. I did not test other options listed by @holroy .

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