Keep vaults in the vault selector when their location is (temporarily) not available

When I use obsidian with a bitlocker vault on USB, the vault gets removed from the selection screen when (temporary) not available. This results in the vault configuration to be removed, like the sync information, etc.

Use case: I sync my work notes but want them secure. So I put an obsidian vault on a USB stick with bitlocker.

  1. I mount the USB stick by unlocking the bitlocked vault
  2. I select my vault in Obsidian (in this case D:\Work)
  3. I have to setup sync, disable safe mode, etc.
  4. It sync perfectly once mounted
  5. I restart my PC (or boot up the next day)
  6. Obsidian starts up
  7. The vault D:\Work is gone

And I have to start from step 2) again.

Desired outcome, leave unavailable vaults in vault selection screen (it might have a cross or if not available, can’t be selected), but deleting all config and cache once it’s temporarily not found, is a bit destructive.

Same goes for a vault on a network share. If the share is unavailable (due to a network hickup), the vault info should also not be deleted.

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I understand your POV. This is not a bug per se. Moved to FR.

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Also my biggest issue that I’ve been having from the start and finally came here to report in case it wasn’t known.

Like Jorg, my vault is in a wise place for such a thing - in my case the vault’s on a RAIDed NAS. But for me it’s about:

  • RAID redundancy
  • a single source of truth for access from both desktop PC and laptop
  • Adequate storage (6TB) for an efficient workflow keeping media assets directly in the vault and thus not suitable for syncing due to client storage sizes and speed.

So I find myself often redoing thing like putting quick access icons in the right panel again.

I’ve been meaning to deduce where this configuation information is stored and version control it for easy recovery. If you’ve done similar, Jorg, LMK, and I will likewise.

I also agree with Jorg’s desired outcome.