Keep title visible when scrolling down note

Use case or problem

Some of my notes are longer than the height of my monitor, so when I scroll down, the title is also scrolled up an dout my view. Sure, I can see the title elsewhere on my monitor, but having the title ‘stay’ at the top of my note, while my content scrolls down would be nice and closer to what I’d expect when reading my notes.

Proposed solution

In a similar fashion to how MS Excel allows you to ‘Freeze panes’ and ‘Freeze’ the top row. So that, the title (on my first row) is always visible no matter where in the document\note I am at.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


Thank you for taking you time reading and considering this FR.



Can you share a screenshot or something? Are you using a custom CSS or a full-screen mode or something? By default, the title should always be visible at the top.

Do you have any examples of other note-taking software where this acts like you describe? (rather than spreadsheets.)


Otherwise, if you are talking about freezing the first line in the content body of your note, that seems pretty specific. There is nothing in Obsidian which implies or forces your first line to be an H1 header for example. (Also please be careful when using the word “title” because in Obsidian “title” means the filename of the Markdown file.)

  • What’s to say the the first line of your content is the “title”?
  • Should it ignore YAML front matter or comments or tags at the top?
  • Do you imagine this as a Vault setting? Or should it store this information per note? Like in a spreadsheet, you have to choose which columns/rows to freeze.

I wonder if this is something that is currently possible with CSS. You could define a certain custom H1 class. Maybe it can have CSS properties that forces it to render at specific vertical location in your note. (On the other hand, if you defined two of these headers, would they overlap each other? Or stack nicely?)


All your concerns are legitimate for sure, and do have to be taken into consideration when implementing something like this.

For me, it was about keeping the ‘first’ H1 at the top of the screen, as that is what starts off each one of my notes. Again… I can see how that would NOT be the first thing on everyone’s page, but for those where it is… would be nice to be able to toggle that as a ‘pinned row’.

If I was to add tags ABOVE the h1 header, and the ‘new option’ made everything (above and including) the first H1 ‘sticky’, then … if the tags stayed up top, and I didnt like them there, then I would have the choice to move them, but I would know that anything I put ‘above’ my h1 would stay above my H1 and on the page at all times when I scroll down.

I am using the Sliding Panels plugin, so my header is off to the side of the note. Sure, its still visible, but having the H1 text stay on screen just seems more natural to me?