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@mgmeyers great work! You list https://www.speare.com as a possible inspiration for Kanban. Revolutionary in the process of writing by going granular and keeping the big picture at the same time. Definitely a valuable idea to include this as a Kanban-feature!!!

https://gingkowriter.com/ is another example ( less kanban but great! https://youtu.be/J4prcx0jZ9M)

Already mentioned here under Document Spanning:


Hi, can you suit with queries? I mean have queries for todos and from those create the lists and the cards?

I have the plugin installed and working . . . or so I thought. No matter what I try, I cannot “drag and drop” any of the cards or columns. The Kanban simply snaps back to it’s original setup.

Create an issue on the github repository. The developers are very responsive and will be able to help you. Issues · mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban · GitHub

Great jobs with this plugin!

Four quick ideas I’d like to offer:

  • We can use hashtags to change the heading level of a card. It shouldn’t be too complicated to make the cards under an ‘heading card’ follow it when we drag it. E.g., lets say I have a card whose text is “## Work” under which I have a card “Task 1”. It would be nice that when I grab “## Work”, “Task 1” follows and switch category too.

  • In the same line of thought, the ability to “fold” cards under an heading card would be great.

  • As of know, we can write "- [ ] " at the beginning of a card and it will show a checkbox. (At least, it does so with my setup.) We can also insert a line break with “
    ”. For some reasons, however, no checkbox will appear after the first line. There should be a fix for this. It would make possible to add subtasks inside a card.

  • We can change the style of the board with CSS code. It would be nice to be able to change a specific card color. It could be use to distinguish notes from tasks, highlight heading cards, or used as a way to indicate priority.

@mgmeyers This is awesome… but something is not right. I can create a Board just fine, but the moment I click another file in my vault, when I come back to my Kanban board, it only shows the markdown file, not the board itself. Is there a command to toggle the display between md and the board view? Am I missing something basic here?

There’s a hotkey command to toggle between Markdown and Kanban view, I’ve got it mapped to Alt-K, I’m not sure what the default is.

Edit: also you can toggle using the three dot menu at the top right.

This is great! Currently trying to incorporate this into my workflow. But I have a question about the use of tags on cards in the Kanban Board.

Respectfully, what is the purpose of having tags on the cards if you cannot filter on/by them?

I was expecting that the tag would trickle down to the card’s note when and if I create one, but that does not seem to be the case either.

I see that @mgmeyers is turning his mind to filtering, which is wonderful. That would be great for me as I don’t really use this for pure Kanban but rather for a project/casefile status board.

Many thanks and awesome work on this!

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I agree, an integrated filter for the kanban plugin would be nice.

The reason why I use tags is because they perfectly work together with the tasks plugin and that one has filters.

I do not have that toggle in my dot menu

I see the only the reverse: a “Open as Markdown” dot menu item when I first create a new note/new kanban in that note, but ass soon as I switch to markdown, I can never go back to Kanban view, since there os no “Open as Kanban” command or any toggler. Obviously the regular Preview button shows a preview of Markdown formatting only.

I think I see the problem here: frontmatter must be at the beginning of the file, but it looks like you have a heading above it

Yep. That is it. It turns out that I have a plugin that automatically copies the name of the file as a H1 header, and viceversa, takes the first H1 header and makes that the filename.

I will have to disable that plugin… unless you have a suggestion for a workaround that does not require manually deleting the header. Everytime a toggle Kanban to md it will insert that header above the frontmatter.

Thanks for making this plugin, it has totally changed my (busy) life! Is awesome! Anyway to support development and send some $ your way?

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Looks like the issue mentioned above is appearing also in Obsidian mobile version. The worst part is I don’t use any plugin mentioned above and I can’t change the file name. I mean, I can do this, but after switching note and going back to Kanban note the title still says “Untitled Kanban” and the option to open file as a board disappears. What’s weird I can rename a file from the files pane but it will not apply to the title of the file inside.

Maybe I should add, that I’m using iPad.

Hmm, so I took a look at the headings plugin. I don’t think there are any workarounds at the moment, but I’ll play around with it and see what I can find.

And thanks so much for the sentiment! You can support development of this plugin here: Matthew Meyers is making Obsidian plugins and themes I truly appreciate it.

Thanks for the report. I haven’t done any mobile optimizations yet of the Kanban plugin. I plan on working on mobile in the next month or so after I get some behind-the-scenes stuff worked out.

That is done! Quick question: in MacOs / Chrome why the complete task button is not showing even if I have that activated in the settings of the plugin?

Hmm, curious. What theme are you using?

Yep, that is it, I switched to “None” and buttons came back.