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Hazel can do this. The trick is to append or prepend it to the right place.

I think as long as you make sure that your ## NEW lane is the very last one in your Kanban note, you can:

  • have Hazel watch the appropriate folder
  • when a new pdf is added, Hazel appends a line with a link to the PDF to the Kanban note — and, because NEW is the final header, it should show up in that lane.

A bit of a hack, but it should work.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @tf2! I’ve been looking for a reason to start playing with both Alfred and Hazel, and this is a good one! I’ll report back if I run into obstacles.

I’ve downloaded Hazel. It doesn’t look like it has the internal capability of appending text to a file, so I think you’d have to use it in conjunction with an Automator script (or Javascript, or shell script) – which is its own can of worms.

Also, the ## New lane can be the last lane, but if you archive kanban notes (as I do), the Archive section of the board’s note will always be at the bottom. So if you append text to the bottom of the file, it will go into the archive.

I’m sure someone with the scripting chops could overcome these hurdles, but alas, I’m not that someone :slight_smile:


Yes, sorry. Using Hazel for this does probably require scripting.

Awesome tool, love it ! Thank you. After using the command to archive all completed cards on the board, where do the archived cards go?

This is, indeed, a bit confusing. All archived items are still part of the md note that is being presented as a kanban board – they will show up in a search of your vault, for example – but they are invisible. You have to switch to “Open as markdown” from “More options” (top right: ...). Then all archived cards are listed under the heading “Archive” at the bottom. BTW: There is no differentiation between which lists those archived cards were originally in. I periodically go through and purge those items.


Thanks for the heads-up & prompt help, you solved the riddle I have been busy with for a while. :smile:

FYI, if you’re not already aware: you can also set a setting to prevent the archive from growing beyond a number of list items. This can be helpful in not having to manually purge the archive.



I am very grateful for this plugin. Is there a way to filter cards on the board by tag? I use tags to mark cards for specific projects, and it would be really useful to have a single board for everything, with predefined filters that I can quickly use to zoom in on a single project.

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You can kinda do with with search (ctrl / cmd + f), but not quite to the same effect. There are some tricky technical problems related to filtering that I need to figure out, but I hope to do so soon.

Question for you: would you be upset if you couldn’t move cards around when filtering?

Question for you: would you be upset if you couldn’t move cards around when filtering?

Might be okay, particularly if there was an option to “sort by priority” (with a rank priority field) when filtering. Could get finicky though, and the beauty of kanban is being able to drag cards around (which you’ve implemented so well!).

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It would be a bummer if filtering stopped the ability to move cards, as then I couldn’t really use it as a single project board in filter mode. I’d only be able to see tasks for one project, rather than manage them.

Btw, I’m not at all married to tags for this. If there is some other way to combine multiple project tasks into a “meta kanban” (maybe by combining boards in a specific folder?) I’m all ears.

Thanks again for your work.


Thanks for the feedback @AutonomyGaps and @bnonn! This is helpful perspective. I’ll have to play around with this and see what I can come up with.

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Seems like I can’t link to aliases when the board view is enabled. Or am I missing something?

Ah, you are correct, this is a bug!

Hi @mgmeyers, this plugin is amazing! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

I’m not sure if this is the place as I’ve never made a request before, but are swim lanes on the horizon? It’d be great to add rows on the y axis to manage multiple projects/people.

Thanks again :smiley:

Thanks @ryadaj! I’ve added this to the roadmap.

For those interested, I’ve move the development roadmap here for visibility: Obsidian Kanban Roadmap · GitHub


That’s beautiful. A Kanban board. Of course. :slight_smile: