Kanban Boards in Obsidian

Hey there I was wondering wether it is possible to make Kanban Boards in Obsidian. I really like the way Trello or MeisterTask help me organise my projects, this is what I mean with Kanban Boards:

I have seen some MD Kanban Board implementations, but nothing native in Obsidian. Right now I manually made some boards for my projects using tags to make the tasks searchable so I can also get a list of e.g. all tasks in progress:

It is really barebones and since im kind of an Obsidian noob I wanted to ask you guys for suggestions (plugins too). Especially helpful would be:

  • Drag and drop of list items
  • Auto append tag when adding a new list item
  • A way to embed all elements with a certain tag (so I can see all inProgress items without having to pull out the big search tool)

Of course any other suggestions that would be useful are really appreciated, too!

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Please take a look at this thread for information about kanban boards.

Comment from the thread:

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I read about imdone but I want to use Obsidian only, not another program

That’s why I also linked the comment.

You can currently do it with CSS (but no moving around cards with that) and Liam is working on a plugin.

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Oh that looks pretty cool, thanks for the link. Aside from the Kanban Board view, do you know Plugins to auto append text (e.g. Tag) when adding items to a list? And is there a way to embed all paragraphs with a certain tag?

Hey, interesting use case! I was also gonna recommend imdone like @koala said, although it is a separate app it works from your obsidian notes, so if anything it can be seen as an extension to Obsidian.

However I do understand if you are looking for a 100% built-in solution in Obsidian.

I don’t think there’s a tools is currently for this yet, at least not that I’m aware of. However you could write a new post in the “Plugin ideas” category, since I think it’s a good idea for others trying to achive a similar thing.

Like @koala said, for now your best bet is waiting for Liam’s plugin to be released, in the mid-time you could experiment with the css snippet mentioned above.