Kanban Board rendered from markdown

OH THIS IS NEAT! im totally going to give this a try now


thanks sharing, this is handy for me to manage todos solely in VS-code.

I just started splitting my screen into three parts and created a folder named “Kanban”. So far it works well! Just need to manually move things over.


Wow. I finally had to create an account to thank everyone in this thread for these very useful contributions. I hope to see a full kanban plugin soon but in the meantime these are all very clever solutions.

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Imdone is a kanban app that uses markdown files to store cards, so it plays nice with obsidian.


I really like the look of this - can you go into detail about how you use it alongside Obsidian if you don’t mind please? Keen to see how it features in your workflow

I’m just getting started integrating obsidian into my workflow, but I like generating ideas in obsidian and managing the execution in imdone. While I’m in Obsidian generating ideas I can just leave myself a little task with something like this…

## [Add feature x to release x.xx.x](#TODO:0)

and it shows up in imdone like this…
Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 6.36.19 PM

I can also add some metadata and tags like this…

## [Add feature x to release x.xx.x](#TODO:0)
+feature due:2021-02-05

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 6.41.55 PM

If I want the #TODO to get recognized as a tag in Obsidian, I can also do this…

#TODO:0 ## Add feature x to release x.xx.x
+feature due:2021-02-05

Thanks for responding.

So do you just point imdone to the Obsidian vault? What ‘journal type’ do you use?


For my software projects I use the Folder journal type and point it at the obsidian vault, but don’t forget to put a .imdoneignore in your vault and add .obsidian to it.

Is there any way to link the cards in imdone to obsidian, so I can follow links in them etc. I was hoping for a way to make it so if you click on the Open file link icon on the card that it would open the card in obsidian.

Nice kanban implementation btw - am giving it a go!

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Ah-ha just seen the other thread:

thank you !!

@rupert Update: imdone 1.8.2 has Obsidian as an open with option. No more configuration needed.


@piascikj At the moment I am trying to integrate my Obsidian workflow with Imdone. Would it be possible for the Obsidian Block References to show up in a Imdone card?
This would open up the possibility to identify tasks in different locations within Obsidian. So for instance I would identify a task in my meeting minutes or on my daily planner, and then put a block reference to the task on my Imdone card.
When the task is done it shows up as done in Imdone, in the kanban card within Obsidian, and also in the original task in the meeting minutes/daily planner. The other way around when updating the task in the daily planner it will also be updated in Imdone.


Fab - even better. Thank you

Can you give me an example of a block reference? I’m implementing wikilinks in imdone 1.9.0. Are you referring to the ![[topic]] syntax that includes the content from that reference?

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What’s the best choice for folder and creation of cards with obsidian ? For example, if i have a folder in vault named “journal” for dailies notes ? /vault/journal or just /vault

And to open a card in obsidian ? Just need a config like this ?

Thanks for this project :wink:

From 1.8.2 on you can just choose Obsidian in the Open with: dropdown.

Hi @piascikj

Thank you for this clarification. I only had the latest version.
One more question. In my current workflow I have the following structure:


If I choose the configuration to create tasks by date it automatically creates a folder “todo” in “journal” with subfolders by month. I think it would be interesting to integrate the possibility to create tasks adding from Imdone directly from journal files (under a ## todo header for example). What would you say about that?

Besides, I saw that the license costs 25$. What is its duration? I can’t find the information?

I think it might be best to take this conversation to the imdone discord.

Regarding tasks under a todo header, that would be quite a diversion from the current implementation.

The license covers 1.x