Just tried "graph view" for first time in half a year and

Perhaps Meta, perhaps #UserFeedback

I’ve been an Obsidian user for about 2-3 plus years who went a little over-kill when I set Daily Notes to auto open with a template meant to document my “general state”. I backed way off my effort to figure out a system, realizing don’t commit to any system but just go the “make notes just make notes” direction. For example, I err on the side of not making a folder if I’m not sure. I write H1 titles at the top of a file that match the file name, I add referencing with local links with all the stuff that seems related. And I try to use tags. But tags I use with a slight angst.

And that angst is probably the reason I haven’t clicked Graph View in at least a half a year!!! I clicked it tonight and you won’t believe my reaction. My reaction wasn’t “oh cool”, oh such wow… my reaction was:

Where am I?

How does Graph View not immediately provide local reference- which dot is the file I opened the Graph View from?

And the second question:
Why can’t I spin this?

Kidding on that second question, though I did want the Graph View to behave as a 3D model (probably a terrible idea).

I agree with you. I get a bit lost in the view.

There is a local graph. It sounds like that is what you want. But also I did suggest a UI change where the current open notes could be rendered differently. This was my suggestion to render it as something like a ring: There should be a different way to display current note in Local graph - #5 by rigmarole

But shortly after, it was implemented to show the current note as a different colour. You might have to turn that option on. Or that might only work in Local Graph.

This sounds like #Help to me, and I’ve moved it. If you have specific suggestions (search the forum first for duplicates) then you can write out a feature request following the template. Otherwise if you’re just looking for feedback or ideas, #Help.

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