There should be a different way to display current note in Local graph


I think the current way of displaying the current note in Local graph is quite confusing. Here is how it looks now:

So the current note is displayed with the slightly bigger circle. But the circle size has another meaning - the quantity of the links, so this is confusing (at least for me).
I’m pretty sure there are better ways to display current note in Local graph: by underlining or inverting the color of it’s name, by changing the color of the circle…

I know it is possible to do this by editing the CSS, but the circle size will stay the same (as far as I understand). And I think this issue should be fixed in the core, without needing to do some additional CSS editing.

What do you think?


Yes, I also like to use the localgraph to orient myself, but I always have problems with it because I lose sight of the “current location”.
It would be really great if the current file could be highlighted and maybe also centered each time.

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I’ve been trying to make this happen via CSS. The graph view uses so it’s difficult to target approriately.

In app.css there is code for .graph-view.color-fill-1 (repeated for 1-6). I assumed this had something to do with depth from current note, which would be terrific, but it doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell.

My sense is that this existed, but was replaced with the “Color Groups”. Is it possible to target the current file in a search?


Agreed, although I don’t have any solid suggestion for improving the current implementation. Perhaps the current note could be anchored at the center and have a stronger “repelling force” so that it stands out visually?

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Perhaps it could be rendered as a slightly different geometry, such as a ring. I think that would stand out very well, independent of color too:



Great idea! +1.

I just noticed that this was implemented in 0.12.12

Graph view will now highlight the current focused file in a different color. This can be configured through the css class .graph-view.color-fill-focused, or disabled if you set the color to transparent.

  • This shows up in the main Graph view, when you have a note selected
  • And it shows up as the local node in the Local Graph.

Yellow is my current note: