Jekyll Garden : New Jekyll theme for Obsidian Users

For the last 6 months, I was using Simply Jekyll to publish my working notes. While it was easy, I wanted some visual and workflow change that syncs with my Obsidian workflow. And I made a new Jekyll theme with those changes - here is Jekyll Garden! See the demo, fork from Github, or see it in action!

Few good features :

  • Feed-view, with an option to hide notes from the feed.
  • Static Homepage and Feed homepage option.
  • Supports permalink and other Jekyll features.
  • Easy to set up, no need for Netifly or any servers.
  • Dark / Light theme, System Theme support.

Sample Screen :

Dark Mode:

Read my Obsidian workflow here.


Hi, thanks for posting this theme. I’ve been experimenting with Jekyll for a little while and this theme is almost exactly what I wanted!

I do have a question, though. It looks like the sequence for inline math mode and display math mode are both $$, as opposed to $ for inline math and $$ for display math the way LaTeX typically does it. I have tons of notes in Obsidian that use this latter convention, which I’m used to from my days writing LaTeX, and it would be very convenient to change all those single $ to $$ when I try to use those notes as web posts with jekyll garden. Also, Obsidian renders $$ as display math, so the math I try to write in potential web posts looks weird in Obsidian.

Could you please point me to where I can re-configure the theme to change that? I’m not super familiar with the underlying javascript and CSS and I’m having trouble finding it on my own. Thank you!

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In case anyone’s interested, I resolved this in a way I’m OK with and figured I’d share what I did.

After some poking around, I learned that the $$ syntax was part of kramdown. So, I switched to using MathJax by placing code in the tag of _layouts/Post.html. I like how MathJax renders the math a little better anyway, so I’m satisfied with this for now.