Javascript IDE within Obsidian

I’m doing the first experiments with javascript in obsidian. What I am missing is the comfort of an IDE. How can I comfortably create and debug javascript for obsidian? How can I use IntelliSense?

You can open your vault folder in VSCode, that’s the easiest way.

Within Obsidian?:

  • Use the Templater plugin to run JavaScript.
  • Use the built-in developer console (CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+I) for inspection.
  • Use available community plugins for autocompletion.


I am currently working on a plugin for creating Livecodes REPL playgrounds in Obsidian. While not feature complete, the plugin works and I’d be happy to push to a Github repo if others were interested in beta testing it. Livecodes can be self-hosted but is not 100% off-line. Internet connection is required.

Here are some screenshots:

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Finally, one approach to “rule them all”, instead of different plugins for different languages with different ways of implementation.

I am interested in beta-testing.

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Yes, need to do some code cleanup; then will push to Github and post link here. Thank you for your interest.

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:sunglasses: Excellent!

@stef.rausch ~ I’ve posted a new topic under Share & showcase with details on the Livecodes plugin. I look forward to any feedback. Enjoy!

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Excellent news, @gapmiss!

I have installed your plugin and will “play” with it. :wink:

Have a look at the two issues I have opened.

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