Beta Plugin: Livecodes REPL playground


I’ve created a BETA plugin for embedding Livecodes REPL playgrounds within Obsidian. Please see the Github repo’s README for details on features, installation, etc. LiveCodes provides support for a wide range of languages.

Thank you to anyone willing to test-drive the plugin and all feedback is welcome.


How do I use this with my notes?

Currently, the plugin has very little integration within a note. Just as a proof of concept, the plugin adds the ability to open javascript codeblocks in a Livecodes view.


codeblock demo - TESTING-PLUGINS - Obsidian v1.4.6-2023-09-06

Javascript codeblocks should have a small round “Open in Livecodes” button, which opens a new view with a playground.

In addition, the plugin adds 2 commands.

  1. Livecodes: Open template in livecodes
  2. Livecodes: New blank project in livecodes

The plugin uses JSON files to store the REPL configuration. These JSON files can also be imported & opened on playground.

Hope this helps one understand the plugin better. It is a 1st BETA version, M.V.P. The Livecodes developer is working on an off-line self-hosted version and I may consider further development, if/when that feature is released.

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