Items in checked list render the wrong way

Steps to reproduce

Paste the following code

- [ ] Drucker
	- [x] Drucker bei den Name stört
        - Drum Unit ist end of life
    - [x] Bei den Name beginnt auch vorallem diesen
    - [ ] Drucker in Ort
    	- [ ] Auf Antwort von Brother Support warten. 

Expected result

Three checkboxes on the same level and two of them crossed out.

Actual result

Some checkboxes become childs of the first checkbox
Screenshot from 2020-11-14 14-19-30


  • Operating system: Linux and Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.12 - 0.9.14

It looks like you are mixing tabs and spaces and obtaining some weird result.

I suggest you stick with one.

Hm shouldn’t be the case.
I try to use spaces wherever possible.
However I experienced some problems before 0.9.14 that the option for spaces instead if tabs wasn’t working.
Maybe it’s an after effect of this.
I’ll keep looking.