Issues exporting/copying formatted notes to email

For work, I often take notes while in a meeting. After the meeting, I edit & reorganize the notes, clean them up. I then add brackets around topics I want to reference later, so I can build my knowledge base.

Goal: "I would like to share formatted Obsidian note by pasting it into Gmail"

  • Issue: “Copy & Paste from Obsidian Note Preview doesn’t appear to Copy the content” . I click the preview button, select formatted text, Copy / CMD+C, paste CMD+V. I am expecting to see the Obsidian note content pasted into the document. Often, my paste buffer contains content from the last thing I Copied - not Obsidian’s. It seems like “Copy” didn’t happen. Anyone else have issues with this?
  • Issue: “I can’t easily find an Obsidian markdown file in Finder” I would like to find the Obsidian note I’m currently editing in Mac Finder, so that I can open that file in a Markdown editor. I have used the contextual menu in the note to “Reveal file in file explorer”, but this only finds it in Obsidian’s file explorer - not the systems.
    • Workaround: Search for the title of the markdown file in Finder’s search, which is cumbersome.
  • Question: “Which MacOs Markdown app is recommended for previewing the formatted content of an Obsidian-composed Markdown note, and being able to copy formatted content (as HTML), so that it can be pasted into Gmail or Google Docs.” I am currently experimenting with MacDown.

Question: " Is there a way to enable spell-check while composing notes?" I often paste a note into Gmail, and then Gmail’s (or Chrome?) spell check shows all the spelling errors I missed while editing in Obsidian. I then go back into Obsidian, edit the text, and re-export again. It’s a small pain, but does take up time.

Issue: “When I copy/paste Obsidian-composed markdown content, I see Obsidian link brackets ([[ Topic ]] everywhere, which I do not want” .

  • Question: Is there a way to hide Obsidian bracketed links when exporting/previewing in a 3rd party Markdown editor?
    • I am hoping to quickly share out notes after a meeting. Even though I have personally added Obsidian notes, I don’t actually want the recipient to see brackets [[ Topic ]] on the content I share with them. I’d like that markup to NOT be exported. Is this possible?

Info: Obsidian version: 0.8.14; Mac


You’re not the only one :wink:

Haven’t heard of this happening. Can you file a bug in #bug-reports?

Turn on the Open in default app plugin in Settings->Plugins. This provides an additional command to Show in folder, which will open Finder with the file selected.

Personally, I use Typora. I don’t think you’ll find a consensus on what’s best.

Spell-checker can be turned on in Settings->Editor. Spell check is still a work-in-progress. Check the forum for existing issues.

The short answer is there is no built-in feature for this yet, but it will come eventually either as part of the future Publish feature or plugins.

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This is helpful, thanks!

I will file a bug for the copy & paste issue - double-checking that I can reproduce it easily.