Issue with new Properties display

I have just realized that Obsidian has new display view for Properties. I’m having issue with it.

  1. I prefer the old way of displaying views as it occupies less screen space. Currently, in the settings, there is no option to enable the old display view.

  2. All my Markdown files containing a Properties section follow this structure:

tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3]

But now, if I create a new file, it becomes:

  - tag1
  - tag2
  - tag3

I wonder if I should make them consistent or leave them as they are. Pros and cons?
If I want to ensure consistency, is there a way to achieve that?

But Properties will have lined them back up horizontally once more in Preview mode.

For consistency through all your files, I recommend using the Linter community plugin. Go to YAML section, set your properties to be multi-line. You can then “Lint” your complete vault or go by folders.

When switching between reading and editing modes, the “Properties” section remains unchanged. It is not possible to manually adjust them. Am I missing something?

Live Preview and Reading Mode are both rendered preview modes. The tags look nice like that.

So, you’re suggesting that I should leave it as it is and not worry about it at all? I’m just wondering if I can remove the word “Properties” from the top.

There are some CSS hacks. I expect more of those to come in in the coming days and weeks. Then one can pick what he or she likes to do with them.

If you’ve some free time try out Linter mentioned above. You can standardize your Properties (YAML) format across all your vault in no time.

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You can use “Settings → Editor → Properties in document” to control how properties / frontmatter appear.

  • setting this to “Source” renders frontmatter in editor mode as plain text, but still uses the property UI in reading mode.
  • setting this to “Hidden” hides frontmatter completely from both editor and reading modes.
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And duly they start to come in:

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