Issue with diacritics using alt+D command and keyboard layout

Steps to reproduce

Hold “alt + D”

Expected result

The retroflex lower-case letter d (i.e., “ḍ”) as per my keyboard layout

Actual result

The command deletes any subsequent text (without “ḍ” appearing)


  • Operating system: Mac OS Catalina
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.13

Additional information

  • The alt+D command gives me “ḍ” in the search box but not in text edit
  • The command alt+shift+D correctly gives me the upper-case retroflex D (“Ḍ”)
  • All the other diacritics I use with the alt key still work fine
  • The command works correctly in other text editors, such as TextEdit, BBEdit.
  • The EasyUnicode developer’s web page is defunct. But the download can be found here under “Download EasyUnicode.”
  • Full disclosure: I posted this issue here to Help first mistakenly noting that it was the cmd+D command that was causing issues.

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