Is Translucent Window Broken?

Things I have tried

I have tried changing all the appearance settings, I have tried changing themes, seeing if writing some custom css code (unless I’m missing something), nothing can seem to fix this.

What I’m trying to do

It seems in the latest update, when the UI got a bit of an overhaul, the main viewport for editing isn’t effected by translucent window, which is honestly one of the huge factors why I chose this, is because it gave it a sleek design.

This image is from before the update:

This image is from after the update:

Do note I am using the same theme in both, and I have updated it to make sure; it’s called “Minimal”. I quite enjoyed it, and doesn’t seem to have changed too much, but even with this off, I’ve tried everything and yet the main viewport stays solid when I have translucent window enabled.

Does anyone know any possible solutions, either a css code or js code that solves this, a plugin maybe, or an actual option I’m just not seeing.

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+1 I’m facing the same issues.

I mod of the discord gave me this snippet, this was an intentional change but it’s fixable by a custom theme:

.workspace-tab-header-container {
  background: transparent;

.workspace-split.mod-root .view-content,
.workspace-split.mod-root .view-header {
  background: transparent;

.view-header-title-container:not(.mod-at-end):after {
  background: transparent;

Interestingly this breaks notes opened in a new window. at least that appears to be the issue when using the Minimal Theme.

Oh yeah, I’m making a custom theme to remake the old Minimal just for myself, it seems to be a normal issue for Obsidian when having translucent window enabled as well as making it so the main pane is translucent. I personally don’t use multiple windows for Obsidian, so I won’t look into this as much, but it does seem to be an issue, maybe there’s a quick solution you can find by inspecting element, and making something in the undocked window transparent.

+1. I’m also having this issue.

I really like the transparency effect that used to be. Now it feels a little fragmented in appearance, and I hope the developers will consider restoring the translucency of the main window in the default state.

Mine can only show translucency in sidebars, which is kind of like the Windows settings application. It is also very laggy when moving. Is there a solution for this?