Is there option for exporting graph-view with HTML format?

Hi, I’m searching for export graph-view with HTML format for append to website like below.
But I couldn’t found with google search. Is there any option or a way for this?

Ref : Index - Obsidian Help

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I doubt the graph can be displayed with just HTML. I suspect it is embedded Javascript. You could check by doing “View Source” in your browser on the page you got the screenshot from. I do not know whether any of the Obsidian Publish alternatives mentioned on the forum (check “Share & showcase” category) have graph view or not.
Good luck!

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Where you able to resolve your question? I have the same interest. I’d like to embed Obsidian graphs into my website. What website are you referencing in your post?

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From the image you shared, its the [Obsidian publish] plug in, it allows you to publish your obsidian nots or graph on to certain domain. Obsidian Publish

Yes now this solution exists:
Share the graph view and notes as HTML page for free with obsidian2cosma

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