Is there no consistent order to link suggestions?

Please tell me there is some way to have an ordered list of suggested links as you begin typing. I tried prefixing notes with date like formatted numbers following the guidelines of other posts. Still the order changes to seemingly random after a little while. Please tell me I am wrong. This is driving me crazy. I just want suggested links or tags to follow some discernible order so that I can find the link I am looking for by knowing the order the suggestions will be listed in.

Windows 10
V 0.8.2

ok, there’s not a simple ordering to generate suggestions. It’s a mix of different search criteria and weights to mix everything into one list.

In theory, if you start writing the name of note you are looking for (or part of it), that note should score higher in the autosuggestion list.

An improved algorithm for the suggestions is in the pipeline (no ETA).


Thanks. At least I don’t feel like my machine is possessed and working against me. This makes me feel much better actually.

Has there been any progress on the suggestions algorithm?

In general, I like the starting suggestions for internal links before typing any characters – the most recently edited/opened notes are displayed.

However, I’m trying to find a way to alter the suggestion ordering/preference when I type a full name. For example, I have notes for a former coworker named Peter as well as a current coworker also named Peter. When I type [[Peter the former coworker is (usually if not always) listed first. I do not want to rename the old note or remove the short name alias, but I overwhelmingly am referencing the “new” Peter going forward. (And yes, I understand I only need to press the down arrow to select the correct note, but I quickly pick the wrong one without looking closely more often than I care to admit…)

Any thoughts or suggestions how I might accomplish this goal? Perhaps another front matter YAML for suggestion_weight, weight, or something similar?

Could someone speak to how the current suggestions are ranked or point me in the direction of the relevant code? Even understanding how the suggestion system currently works might help me adapt my notes to accomplish the same goal without changing any code.


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