Tag Autocomplete Sort Order

There doesn’t appear to be any discernable sort order in the Tag Autocomplete pop-up. Its not sorting alphabetically, by recency or popularity… Any one of these (or being able to select between them) would be preferable.


I have had the same issue with linking and tagging a few weeks back. In response to my issue about the linking pop up, I was told

alo[quote=“WhiteNoise, post:2, topic:4323, full:true”]
ok, there’s not a simple ordering to generate suggestions. It’s a mix of different search criteria and weights to mix everything into one list.

In theory, if you start writing the name of note you are looking for (or part of it), that note should score higher in the autosuggestion list.

An improved algorithm for the suggestions is in the pipeline (no ETA).

I appreciate that there’s various things going on, but it generally seems completely nonsensical to me.

An example:

The order changes too - earlier #time-management was on top.

Glad to hear that an improvement is in the works though.


Is this still in the works? Currently on 0.10.8 and the ordering in the tags popup menu seems totally random.

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My previous post above was before I knew how to link properly. Here it is:


+1 for this.

+5 same issue

+1 for this