Is there any way to automatically have plural links redirect to singular links?

I want [[dogs]] to automatically redirect to dog note, like if it was [[dog|dogs]], and creating manual aliases for all plural links would take too long.

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There may be a plugin which tries to tackle this, in fact, Link with alias might be it, although not a fully automatic solution.

I’ve just been creating singular/plural aliases in my notes as I create them. If I forget to do so, I go and add them for the note before I create a link I’ve noticed should be singular/plural. This is fine if you’re doing it as you go, but it would be nice if could be automatically done. Retroactively doing this for many notes in one go would be a pain and may be why you’re asking.

I had Link with alias disabled (too many plugins) but I may re-enabled it now that you’ve got me thinking… By its GIF, it looks like it just makes manual process much simpler due to adding the plural display text of your link automatically to the note’s list of aliases.

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i’d like this too

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