Is there any way or a good solution to define custom icons and colors in callouts themselves? And with little or no CSS?

I did take another look at the Callouts documentation and I can write custom CSS. However I’d rather not have a bunch of CSS specifically for individual callouts on each page. If I wanted to change the icon and color for a specific layout, then I’d want to do so in the callout itself than open up a CSS file over and over again. I’d want to be able to have lots of callouts throughout my vault with various colors and icons. It would be lots of CSS to hardcode each color and icon, even with a CSS rule like [data-callout*="phrase"], which applies to a callout if the callout type contains the phrase.

Ideally I could do something like this:

> [!tip lucide-folder #000] Title.
> Text.

The callout uses the folder icon and the color black (hex code #000). It doesn’t have to be in the title, but I want it defined in the callout somewhere and not appear in the title or text like the callout type.

You can define custom callout types. That does require CSS, but you only do it once per type. If you’re constantly picking different color and font combinations, Obsidian doesn’t support that kind of ad hoc styling well (but maybe there’s a plugin).

I see you posted a feature request for this without waiting long for input on this help request. (Allow defining custom icons and colors directly on the callouts themselves and without CSS). I was going to close this thread so discussion can happen in one place, but you didn’t follow the feature request template on the other one. Do you want to fix the feature request and close this thread, or close the feature request and keep this thread?

Can I keep this open for like three days if there are no solutions, then I close this and keep the request up?

Sure. I’ll unlist the request.

@CawlinTeffid It’s been three days now, can yo unlisted the feature request now? Allow defining custom icons and colors directly on the callouts themselves and without CSS

By the way, where does it go when unlisted? Are posts in categories in chronological order and the FR would be in the area where others made a few days are?

Unlisted topics can only be accessed directly by link. They’re not listed in any category.