Allow defining custom icons and colors directly on the callouts themselves and without CSS

I know its possible to define custom callouts as described in the documentation with CSS. However I’d like to be able to define any combination of hex colors and lucide icons. for example:

> [color-#000 icon-folder] Title.
> text.

That makes the color of the callout #000 black and uses the folder icon, the first result when you search “folder” on Since Obsidian uses Lucide icons. This would be better than hardcoding CSS for each color, icon, or combination I’d use. If I want to edit the color or icon, I can do so right on the callout in live preview instead of going to a CSS file to do so.

Please follow the feature request template if you want your request to be considered.

I’ve made a number of feature requests without the template and gotten responses and hearts.

To clarify, you need to follow the template if you want your request to be considered by the developers who you are requesting a feature from.

I meant in that other comment I wrote:

By the way, where does it go when unlisted? Are posts in categories in chronological order and the FR would be in the area where others made a few days are?

I meant, what happens to this post when its unlisted?

When it’s unlisted, it’s removed from all lists in the forum and the only way to reach it is by direct link.

When it’s re-listed, I’m not sure if it’s added back at the top of the list (which I think is what you’re asking about?). I didn’t check when I unlisted it, and if it wasn’t already at the top your comment moved it there.