Is there an Obsidian library for rendering in a website?

Things I have tried

I’ve checked on the main page and looked in the docs, but don’t see the answer to this question.

What I’m trying to do

I want to take the markdown files I’ve created in Obsidian and publish them on a website. I don’t want to use the Obsidian Publish service, I want my domain with my hosting service. In addition, I’d like to use the same themes from the Obsidian community and freely switch between them on my site. I realize this is something I can code out myself, but I wonder if there’s any libraries, official or 3rd party, that already do this?

Hi, I don’t know if it helps but comes to mind.

Exporting to standard markdown is listed on the obsidian road map as a feature that is currently being worked on :

Once your files are in standard markdown there are dozens and dozens of tools to create websites out of them, including static site generators like Hugo and Jekyll and converters like pandoc. You can find tools like this by searching the web for “markdown to HTML” or “markdown static site generator.”

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There are also services like that take a lot of the fiddly technical work out of turning a folder of markdown files into a website. I haven’t explored how it would work with an Obsidian vault, but I think if you pointed blot at a folder in your vault called, say, “website”, it would work.

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