Is there an elegant solution for capturing content from Twitter?

e.g. saving Tweets and Tweet Thread to markdown form.

I currently use markdownload for capturing articles, which is great, but I don’t think it’s optimized for saving tweets.

There is one tool called “therip” which does a good job saving tweet threads into markdown form, but it doesn’t work for tweets that are older than a week and doesn’t have a browser extension yet.


I am also looking for a solution for this.

I have found I built a free tool to save tweets and threads on Twitter to Obsidian but has the same limitations which threads older than 7 days

Hey there, I wrote a plugin called Tweet to Markdown that allows you to save tweets and threads in Obsidian, with no 7-day limitation. You can check it here:

Hope that works for you!


I personally use readwise for this, it autosaves tweets and threads directly to Obsidian that you answer to with for example “@readwiseio save thread”

I don’t use it just for this, but also for syncing my Instapaper highlights and Moon+ Reader Pro (Ebook reader android app) Highlights and notes on Obsidian automatically.

Works pretty well :slight_smile: