I built a free tool to save tweets and threads on Twitter to Obsidian

It’s called Tressel. I made it initially to solve my own problem - a majority of the most valuable info I consume online comes from tweets and threads and I wanted a way to easily sync these to Obsidian (without manually copy-pasting).

Here’s how it works (it’s quite simple):

  1. Sign up for free (you’ll get your link via email when you join the waitlist)
  2. Install the Tressel Sync for Obsidian community plugin
  3. Copy your unique Obsidian code from the Tressel app settings page into the Obsidian plugin’s settings
  4. Reply “@tresselapp save” or “@tresselapp save thread” under the tweet/thread to save
  5. Done! It’ll show up in your Obsidian when you next open it

Here’s the link!


Let me know what you think if you do decide to try it! It’s currently in beta and I’m all ears for any feature requests, bugs or questions you have :slight_smile: