Is there a way to order Values in QuickAdd so they prompt input in a specific order?

I’m trying to put together a “Capture URL from YouTube” capture with a format like this:

[YouTube - {{VALUE:Title}}]({{VALUE:Link}})

In my workflow I usually have the URL in the clipboard that I want to paste first. Often, I go back to the YouTube page and then copy the title to paste second.

I think QuickAdd always prompts for Values in the order they’re written. In this case, I always get the prompt for Title first.

I’d like to be able to make it prompt me for URL first.

I haven’t found anything about ordering in their docs for format syntax. I’ve not had time to look though the more complex examples, or articles & videos of other people’s more complex setups. But perhaps there’s a way I’ve not seen yet.

I don’t know if there is a way to do that without using the QuickAdd API.

But this plugin will accomplish your goal without QuickAdd. With this plugin, all you have to do is just paste the URL directly to your note.


That’s a great plugin and solves the spirit of this case. Cheers for the recommendation.

I do have a couple of other cases with QuickAdd where I’d like to be able to change the argument order. Sounds like my next step is to check their feature requests and add it, if it’s not there.

See also this new plugin: Obsidian Modal Form. I think it solves your problem really well. I’m not sure if QuickAdd could adopt similar feature.

IMO we need completely new plugin that unifies everything from Templater, QuickAdd, Modal Form, RunJS. They are all well suited for the process of note generation and input generation. We need much better overall experience to automatically generate notes and inputs. For example when viewing recent notes in a list, this same view could offer direct buttons to generate notes from recently used templates. Currently that can be achieved by using Dataview and Advanced URI (put your note generation command as a link in a text property).


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