Is there a way to indent a callout (within a bullet list)?

Things I have tried

* This is highlighted, but not indented
> [!success]
> text
* This is indented but not highlighted
    > [!info] 
    > text

What I’m trying to do

I want to indent a callout.

I have a bullet list. One of its element contains some introductory text and some important text (or even a latex formula). I want to highlight the important text / latex formula with a callout. The introductory text doesn’t need to be highlighted, but all the text / latex need to be correctly indented in the bullet list.

Is there a way to do so?

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I can get callouts in lists to render properly in Reading Mode, but not Live Preview (except in one very weird instance, which is unintentional).

Two people posting about similar things within hours: Can I make a callout into an item in a bulleted list?

Maybe someone should file a Feature Request if there isn’t one yet.

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