Is there a way to focus on and go through sidebar panes with just the keyboard?

What I’m trying to do

I have note tabs open on the top and bottom right sidebar panes, but also have other tabs like outgoing links, backlinks, the tags page, etc. I don’t do any of that pane stuff where I have multiple notes open side-by-side, other than the left and right sidebars.

I just have one note in the center. If I’m focused on that note, I’d like to press hotkeys to focus on the pane to the right, left, top left, bottom right, etc. pane, from the currently focused pane. If I’m focused on a sidebar pane, then I’d like to use other commands / hotkeys to cycle through tabs of the sidebar pane.

In the image below, I’m focused on the calendar tab on the top right pane, I’d like to be able to cycle through the tabs with hotkeys:

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 6.38.58 PM

And If I’m focused on a note in the top or bottom right sidebar, then I can write in that note, all without using the mouse.

See my previous answer about Quick Switcher++. You can pin editor mode to ctrl/cmd + s to see list of open notes. Then use down key and enter to select the note. This isn’t very elegant solution since you use left hand to press ctrl/cmd + s and then right hand to press down and enter. The most elegant way is to use laptop with touchpad. Touchpad is very close to the keyboard so you can use it very efficiently to switch between different panes.

Some commands to switch between different panes with my keyboard shortcut recommendation:

  • Focus on last note: ctrl/cmd + shift + s. This doesn’t switch between two recent notes (you have to use Cycle through Panes or QuickSwitcher++). Instead it will gain focus back to your recent note if you pressed something to cause you lose focus (like search but you can usually press esc to gain focus back)
  • Focus on tab group to the left/right/above/down: ctrl/cmd + 1/2/3/4. On mac using cmd is easier. On windows alt + 1/2/3/4 may be better way to switch focus.
  • Toggle left/right sidebar: ctrl/cmd + shift + 1/2. Actually this doesn’t switch focus, only hides/shows left/right sidebar. You can use other commands to gain specific sidebar focus like Bookmarks: show bookmarks or Outline: show outline.

I tested Cycle through Panes but I think it’s buggy. You can easily use QuickSwitcher++ to switch between two recent notes: open standard mode and press enter. Editor mode will always display the same order as your tabs, meaning you cannot use it equally fast to switch between two notes.

But the main thing I want is to be able to navigate and focus on the sidebars and the tabs on them (including non-note ones) without using the mouse.

You can use Go to next tab and Go to previous tab commands. I’m sure you’re surprised to realize that these commands apply to items in the left and right sidebar. Currently there are no commands to focus left/right sidebar. You have to use commands that target individual sidebar items to gain focus to that sidebar. For example Files: show file explorer and Outline: show outline.

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I got an answer on Reddit to use the Cycle In Sidebar plugin, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

It can’t focus on the sidebar notes, however I can cycle to the note with it, and then use the Cycle Through Pane plugin with the command Focus on right sidebar.

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