A plugin that keeps a history of your open tabs, allowing you to reopen closed notes even after restarting Obsidian or switching workspaces

I just had like 7 tabs open and switched workspaces. I don’t switch often and I lost all of my open tabs :skull::skull::skull:, I could partially recover it with a dataview query for my recently edited notes. That’s why I wish there was a history of opened tabs, tabs opened and recently closed. Perhaps it could be its own page with its own view, and or a sidebar panel.

QuickSwitcher++ can partially offer you solution. Just replace cmd/ctrl + o with QuickSwitcher++: open in standard mode. You can switch between two notes using cmd/ctrl + o, then enter. And that view displays all recent tabs in that session. That history is cleared when you close Obsidian.

QuickSwitcher++ offers many other useful modes that I recommend having separate shortcuts.

  • Bookmarks mode: cmd/ctrl + shift + o. In particular in your situation this mode is useful since you can run command to bookmark all tabs. To open them all again, you can visit the left sidebar->bookmarks
  • Commands mode: cmd/ctrl + p. This displays recently used commands. You can re-run the most recent command by cmd/ctrl + p, then enter. To pin commands, you need to use the core plugin. Just pin commands in Command palette’s settings and QuickSwitcher++ will utilize them.
  • Symbols mode: cmd/ctrl + shift + n. You can use this mode in the same way as Outline to navigate in your note but you will save screen space. You need to use Outline to rearrange headings.
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Thanks for the solution!

Funny thing is, I switched workspaces while replacing Quick Switcher++ with Koncham, and that’s how I lost my open tabs. I had Quick Switcher++ installed with a hotkey for edt mode, but had replaced it with Koncham Workspace, since it shows a vertical list of all of my tabs. With that plus hotkeys to switch to tabs to the left and right of the currently opened one, it’s an convenient way to see and switch between them. Now I reinstalled it lol.

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