Is there a way to create drop down lists in a note

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a drop-down list and have the selection be persistent in the note. By drop-down list, I mean a button when clicked gives me a prepopulated menu of choices that can be selected. Here is an example of a dropdown list in Excel

The selection should be persistent, but can be updated later.

E.g. The list may be:

Gate 1
Gate 2

When the note is made Gate 1 would be selected and visible in the note. Once Gate 1 (whatever that might be) is completed, Gate 2 could then be submitted replacing Gate 1. Once Gate 2 is completed, Submitted is selected replacing Gate 2 in the note.

What I have Done

I’ve looked online and through the forum. I see posts in the forum asking for the same thing, but with no responses for me to use as guidance.

Can anyone help, or point me to a plugin that I’m missing that has this functionality? I’m not a coder, but I’ll try to manhandle my way through modifying any type of script if someone has something close that I could use.

I did wonder if it might be something built into a one-column table, where the table has all the selections, but only the row selected is displayed…I would have no idea how to start something like this, but perhaps that might spark an idea by someone more capable than me.


I am relatively noob in Obsidian. So far all I can see is a workaround listing the options as tasks (-[ ]) in the template - then you can select/deselect the one you want in the live page. It means making two changes instead of one, and is open to error. But I don’t know of a feature/plugin that does option lists.

If you install the Meta bind plugin, you can have a select list (or multiselect), which preserve its selection in the frontmatter.

It’s not a dropdown menu, but kind of similar. And it’s rather easy to tweak its look through CSS.

One could possibly tweak it into a dropdown menu, but that’s beyond my CSS knowledge.

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