Is there a setting to open links on click in Live Preview?

I’ve searched but not found an answer.

I want to be able to follow links with just a click as I find myself wanting to follow them far more often than I want to edit them. Is there a setting for this somewhere? It seems like this would be an option Obsidian would have.

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Things I have tried

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On a Mac it’s [Command]+Click

Hi Chuck,
Right– What I mean is, is there a way to change it to open with just a click?

There is no setting. (I believe there may be a feature request.)

If you opened on click, how would you edit the link?

You may try visit a note in the preview mode(cmd+e by default).
All the links are clickable.

I was thinking either by cmd-clicking, or clicking on the space next to it and moving the cursor into it with an arrow key. I realize this would not make sense for users who edit their links more often than visiting them.

There’s a new plugin called Elf that allows you to do this

I would also like this to be optional.

I understood it was there prior to Live Preview mode, but it can be frustrating forcing the CMD+Click at all times in Live Preview.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the Elf plugin in the Marketplace to try it.

Command hover triggers the preview pane

Yep and while that’s an excellent feature, imo there should also be an option to click a link by using trackpad alone.

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Yes this will be great to have as an option for the Live Preview mode (and editing could be accommodated with the right-click).

Something like “Link click functionality in Live Preview” drop down selector, with “Edit the link (default)” and “Follow the link” options.

Agreed. This would be a great feature.


Shiny new things
Clicking on links in Live Preview will now open them directly.
Previously Ctrl/Cmd+Click to open link is now simply a click.
Previously Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Click to open link in new pane is now
Ctrl/Cmd+Click, just like everywhere else in the app.



Thanks for the good news, Angel

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