Is there a list of supported mermaid diagram types anywhere?

Is there a list of supported Mermaid diagram types anywhere? I have looked for this in the help and online in other places but can’t find one.

I have been looking for a way to archive personal timeline information and it would be great to be able to display this in Obsidian, but when I use the mermaid code blocks and use ‘timeline’ I get;

Error parsing Mermaid diagram!

No diagram type detected for text: timeline

I’ve used other mermaid diagram types just fine (flowchart, sequence).


Here you go

If are interested in themes with mermaid support, check out Dune :wink:

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I was aware of that list. However, not all the diagram types are supported. Even with your theme installed I get the same error message;


I can only presume that not all Mermaid diagrams are supported in Obsidian. Timeline is, according to their website,

This is an experimental diagram for now.

So this is understandable, but is there a list anywhere of what version of Mermaid that Obsidian supports? I don’t seem to be able to see which version of Mermaid introduced timelines…

The version of mermaid included in Obsidian is indeed some versions behind the mermaid library itself.

I’m not sure how to get which version is included in Obsidian, but if you find that you should be able to deduct which types of diagrams are available.

AFAIK at least the timeline and mindmap diagram types are as of today not included in Obsidian.

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I would also appreciate seeing an update to a more current version of Mermaid, particularly for:


and …


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I also would like Mermaid to be updated to support the quadrant charts, AND/OR the Obsidian help docs to be clear about which charts are supported. It is confusing that the documentation says that mermaid charts are all supported, but they are not.

Thank you for all the work on such a great tool!

As of today, the obsidian insider build has been upgraded to mermaid v10 (I believe 10.2.4) which should support all the new diagrams


Thanks @mr_abomination that’s really helpful.

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