Is Obsidian Publish a viable alternative to WordPress? Can you create a business through Obsidian Publish alone?

I am wanting to start writing on the internet.

I plan on monetizing it down the line with a newsletter, membership subscriptions, and digital products (e.g. ebooks, courses), and I was wondering if it is possible to do that with Obsidian.

Is it possible to create a fully functional business through Obsidian Publish alone? Is there anything I would be missing from WordPress if the primary purpose of my website is to share my ideas and writing?

Another idea I had was to have my main website on WordPress, but with ALL of my content being in Obsidian.

For example, on the top menu bar of my website, there could be a button that says “Blog”, but when you click on that button/link, it leads you to my Obsidian Publish page which is titled “Blog”.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas! Thanks in advance!

I haven’t really looked into Obsidian Publish, but my impression is that it can’t do what you want. It’s definitely it as flexible as Wordpress. You could of course use third-party storefronts for selling things and link to those, etc.

You might still be able to use Obsidian with something else, but I’d expect it to be more work than Wordpress (I dislike Wordpress and would love to use Obsidian — or at least not Wordpress — but it has a lot of momentum).

Here’s a bushel of links I recently gathered while researching how I might use Obsidian for my website: