Is Obsidian good for transitioning to a Wiki?

I am planning to someday turn my entire Obsidian vault into a wiki for long-term storage. I would still like to continue using Obsidian as the operability is elegant, but I am wondering if Obsidian is good for this use-case?

I wouldn’t want to write a lot of articles only to one day realize how horrific it would be to convert the files into a wiki.

Yes, write in pure markdown and you are good to go wherever you want. That will just be a collection of markdown files and that is it

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Can you specify what you mean by converting to a wiki? Do you mean publishing online? Do you mean wiki as in an online site where multiple users can edit and contribute? Do you simply mean linked documents in a knowledge base? What are you imagining/planning?


I don’t mean Obsidian publish, but more like wikipedia or fandomwikia (mediawiki, wikijs or something similar). Just a simple database I can store my notes in.

I don’t currently have a need for collaborative editing, though that might change.

In that case, you might be interested in this thread, and the links in that thread.

It’s quite possible to use things like static site generators to push Markdown to sites. But generally it should be easy to convert or export to any kind of wiki based software, since the file format is so simple, and Markdown is so prevalent. You’ll likely just want to be careful with plugin-based dependencies inside Obsidian.

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