Is it possible to turn off spell check for capitalized words?

Those are mostly acronyms, so find really annoying that Obsidian highlights every acronym I use as misspelled word.


Things I’ve already learned:

  • Obsidian relies on Electron spell check API and you can’t connect your own (or even use OS-wide) dictionaries.
  • There’s no such option in Obsidian settings.
  • There’s feature request that asks about opposite thing. While it’s not marked as implemented it seems that Obsidian works exactly that way.
  • Obsidian stores spell check exceptions in var/app/md.obsidian.Obsidian/config/obsidian/Custom Dictionary.txt (for Flatpak), but honestly adding every acronym I use into it is too much tedious giving that it’s per-user dictionary, so it’s really hard to sync it across several devices.

The only “workaround” I’ve found is to wrap acronyms to code blocks which (again) too much work. I think ignoring uppercase words is a very reasonable default behavior.


I may be wrong, but at least on Obsidian Mobile, I am noticing that capitalized misspelled words that are 6 characters or fewer are ignored by the spellcheck. I will be interested to check whether this is also true for the desktop version.

When I made the request that you linked to, I am quite certain that capitalized misspelled words were totally ignored by the spellcheck regardless of length. Perhaps the behavior has changed. Although obviously not super urgent, I am still interested in finding a way to toggle capitalized spellcheck.

Thanks and good luck!

It seems that Obsidian just checks any word (capitalized or not) against dictionary.


That is interesting. I just tested on Obsidian Mobile 1.2.0 in Default Theme with Safe Mode on, here:

I will check on the desktop version later today.


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