Toggle spellcheck for capitalized words

Use case or problem

I often want to flesh out broad strokes descriptions using capitalized words as headings. The fact that they are headings is besides the point. By using caps lock, I can avoid having to type with case sensitivity. I also get extra emphasis and it just really looks and feels good. Unfortunately many misspelled words slip past my radar.

Proposed solution

I know that many acronyms and specific non-dictionary words are often typed in full caps. So, by having a toggle, people like me could temporarily turn it on to add accuracy/save time while others could just keep it turned off.

Current workaround (optional)

If I don’t forget and am willing, I copy and paste into libreoffice writer and convert to lowercase and check for misspellings, fixing them manually in Obsidian. The main issue is forgetting and sending stuff out looking extremely careless after the fact. Honestly, to me, many misspelled words in caps just look correct.

Somewhat relevant issue: Spell Check Note Titles


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The Text Format plugin can help toggle between uppercase and lowercase.

The Obsidian Orthography plugin will spell check uppercase words.


Hello again, @jwl ! Sorry to put you on the spot, but since you were so helpful in the first place, I figured I would reach out once more. And obviously, if anyone else sees this, I would love any suggestions. Thanks in advance! Anyways, I was unable to get the suggested Obsidian Orthography plugin to actually spellcheck capitalized words. I have just now reached a point in a project where it is actually enough of a burden that it has become important for me to be spellchecking these capitalized words and I am fine with the fact that the plugin doesn’t spellcheck in real-time. At first, this reality caused me avoid even really giving the plugin an honest chance. However, here I am crawling back to it now and am saddened to now realize that I cannot actually get it to plugin capitalized words. I somehow did not realize this before, but it appears to rather opt for underlining sub-sections of the words such as IN or NOW. Rather than immediately posting an issue on GitHub, I figured I would quickly just check with you since you have had success with Obsidian Orthography in this context. I am hoping that you have some good news for me and that I am simply missing some setting, but, although I am not hopeless, I am admittedly doubtful.

I guess I could set up a CSS snippet solution that uses a capitalized font for headings, but even this will be imperfect in my use case. I did notice that, for example, the Minimal Theme uses Small Caps for H6 headings. This is useful and cool, but, unfortunately I am writing about content that requires me to occasionally use lowercase for certain letters.