Is it possible to render linked images to a different size?

The document I’m working with has images linked in the following fashion:

![ ][1]

[1]: https://URL/to-whatever-image-source.png

I have seen other posts about changing the size of the images but this is not what I need. The document contains an enormous quantity of images and I don’t want to download all of them and insert them manually in the document. So, is it possible to change the size these images will be viewed in the document (output as PDF)?

What I’m trying to do

So here are three methods which works to scale, and one which doesn’t.





This last one can also be written: ![1]


In short, using either the double brackets or the combination of [ ]( ), it’s easy to scale the image. Your syntax, I don’t really know what is, but it seems like more of a placeholder (or strange variant of a footnote), and it doesn’t accept scaling options.

It also seems like instead of the ![ ][1] you could also write just ![1], but it still doesn’t allow for scaling, it seems. Where did you find that syntax for writing an embedded link?

PS! Your variant was the one which wasn’t working… :frowning:


Thanks Holroy. So, this document comes from a webpage which I converted to markdown using a Devonthink extension that allows you to save web pages in different formats. The Markdown coding is not mine. The page is correctly viewed in Obsidian, though.

Actually, the problem is not solved. The list of URLs linking to the images is at the end of the document. As if they were notes or references. The numbers in ![ ][1], ![ ][2], etc. that you find in the document point to those URLs. If I do:

[1]: [|180](https:// URL/to-whatever-image-source.png)

The image is appropriately reduced but it shows, of course, right there in the list of references. It disappears from the place where it should show up in the text. If I do:

![[|180]][1] Photo by [Photo author]

The image disappears from the text.

If I do:

![|180][1] Photo by [Photo author]

The image stays with the same size as before. Nothing changes.

It is clear that I should modify something in
![ ][1] but I don’t know what exactly and how.

I think you need to look at your converter, and make it convert into something better handled by Obsidian. And given that you don’t want to download the images, I guess your best option is to get it to be of the format: ![|100](

It seems like your extension provider have got a forum up and running at Maybe you should try asking there?

Or potentially go look for another plugin to do your web scraping.

OK. I will do that but wouldn’t this be an Obsidian problem?

I mean, this extension seems to create a markdown document that is perfectly rendered in Obsidian and in other markdown compatible applications. That would mean that this is well formed markdown. But if this is well formed markdown, shouldn’t Obsidian be capable of working with it?

Obsidian is based upon the commonmark markdown engine, if I’m not mistaken, and it’s documentation on images, see Markdown Tutorial - Images, says the following should be the legal markup for images:


[id]: dog.jpg "title3"

So you are indeed (even if I didn’t now that beforehand) using valid commonmark code for your images, so you shouldn’t need to change due to that.

However, Obsidian has made extensions to allow for resizing images, and they’re based on parsing the alternate text options, and in the example above only the first (with cat.png) picks out the resizing text. For the dog, the text in either alt2 or title3 does survive into the DOM in reading mode, but it’s not handled as a resizing attribute. And that could be considered a bug, possibly.

So I’ll write a post in the Bug report section, and maybe it’ll get fixed sometime in the future.

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Thanks holroy! I’m new to both markdown and Obsidian so I appreciate all the help I can get.

I have posted a question in the forum for the app that I use to translate the webpages into markdown. I’ll see what they answer. I’d like to continue working with Obsidian, though, so if this gets fixed, I’d be happy.

Posted the bug report, so we’ll see how that goes:

Could it be an option to style the size using CSS (or other tools)? Is this just in one document, or is it something you do all over your vault?

In any case the thread below discusses some other methods related to changing image sizes:

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Thanks. No, that wouldn’t work because it really depends on the document. There are documents where the size of all the images should be reduced or increased whereas in other documents only some images should change in size.

If it is kind of a given that all images should be increased, or decreased a given amount, it could be possible to use cssClass in the frontmatter to define, that images should be either option.

I’ve not tampered too much with these setting in CSS, but it seems like you could potentially set a given size for all images, so it would scale no matter the size was before into a given size.

The only some images need resizing is indeed the trickier part of such a workaround, anyways.

Thanks, holroy. From the kinds of documents I’m converting so far, I can see the solution to set a given size for all images won’t work. In the meantime, someone pointed me to a reference that seemed to be relevant. I don’t really know whether it is actually relevant to solve my problem. Perhaps someone more well-versed than me in markdown could tell me if this could be put to use in the case at hand:

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