Is there a way to Resize the picture in a more simple way?

For pasting pictures, I always use:![[Pasted image 20230110200004. png|700]] to resize the picture, where 700 is the parameter that changes the size of the picture. However, If I do this every time, it will be really exhausting. Thus I’m wondering that

  1. Is there exists a way that I can change the size of the picture by dragging it like in notion?

  2. Is there a way that I can set the size I want for the pasted pictures so that it has a default size after I pasted them to Obsidian? For example, for each picture I paste, it will automatically have that “700” there.

  3. Other ways you think it is convenient to change the size of pictures.

Thank you very much.


You could use a CSS snippet to set the default size of images (in its own CSS way, not by adding the Markdown you’ve been using). I don’t have detailed instructions for you, and if you sometimes want to change the size the way you have been, then that may affect how you go about it.

There might be a plugin that adds a default size in Markdown (I don’t know of one offhand).

There is a community plugin “Mousewheel image zoom”. I’ve never tried it.

More discussion here:

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(wrong tip, sorry)

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