Is it possible to have internal aliases for external links?

What I’m trying to do

Hey guys! I’m using Obsidian to prepare articles for my blog. First I write them in Obsidian, then copy/paste to my Wordpress blog.

Since I use a lot of internal links for the reference to the past articles, I have to rewrite/edit all internal links to make them external (links to other articles in my blog).

So the question: is there a way or any workaround to make this process automatic (convert internal to external)? Maybe there is a way to have ‘external aliases’ for internal documents?


You need to work around this. You have the following options:

  1. Search and replace tool (outside of Obsidian)

Put up a couple of link examples that are typical of your vault or your everyday content, both internal and external so someone can make a regex for it. (Fingers crossed. It’s 4 am where I’m at, and regex solutions are…well…not sure-fire…)

  1. Ditch Wordpress and go for a Digital Garden. The static website’s links are handled by the template used. Links will be working, provided you uploaded the ‘other’ note.

  2. Obsidian Publish

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Thanks! I think I will go for option #1 for now, since it’s a very old blog (not ready to move to another platform).

But the problem with regex will be that Obsidian uses Titles as File names (and internal link), and my blog uses a bit simplified version (especially with long titles). Well, here are the examples:

Internal: obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian%20Vault&file=Blog%2FDon’t%20take%20it%20too%20seriously
(path: Vault/Blog/Don’t take it too

External: Don't take it too seriously | Alex Maltsev

Internal: obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian%20Vault&file=Blog%2FOn%20taking%20courses%20and%20flying%20an%20airplane
External: On taking courses and flying an airplane | Alex Maltsev

So I’m guessing there is no regex for that :slight_smile:

Blog titles are indeed truncated.

I’d still recommend trying out the other options as they’re ridiculously easy to set up and one of them is free.

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