Is it possible to differentiate colors between various links ([[internal]]; external via https; external but to own documents)?

I find it a bit confusing to be faced with a page populated with dozens of links pointing to different objects but all indicated with the same color. Is there any way to differentiate them? I’ve tried looking at the Style Settings but without too much success.


I think Supercharged Links is your answer:


I’ve tried to look into it … but it’s not very clear to me: is it only set for objects within the frontmatter?

Sorry, I haven’t used it! Maybe someone on that thread can give you tips, or perhaps there’s a better plugin out there.

You can style the CSS class .is-unresolved (you may need to add other classes etc. front of it to get enough specificity to work).

(Thanks for asking this — now I’m 1 step closer to making those links more readable in the theme I use.)

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