Is it possible to develop mirror function, just like workflowy?



This would be amazing. The mirror feature is fantastic and was hoping it’d be added to Dynalist someday. If not Dynalist, then Obsidian!

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The mirror feature in Workflowy is the only reason that I kept using it.

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Desperately want/need this!!!



When do you need a feature like this? What is the use case?

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This is already supported. You can hold “option” key on your keyboard and at the same time click with mouse in the spots where you want to have the mirrored editing.


yes plsss



PLEEEEEASE LIKE ACTUALLLY PLEASE THIS WOULD ABSOLUTELY FINALLY SOLVE MY Multi Platform issue driven by unwillingness to commit to a platform that is missing a tool that another has.

  1. in Mirror, the update applied to all the instances, including the original one and the mirrored ones, automatically.
  2. The mirrored ones could be inserted at any notes, I suppose. So update one instance in any of these notes, the rest will be updated automatically.
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A workaround could be to use embeded blocks, you can show just specific lines. Add at the end of the mirrored line a “^mirror” and to the place you want to call it link it this way: ![[Note name#^mirror]]

Isn’t this just another variant of the FR below?