iPad single finger trackpad click/mouse left click opens "right click" menu on files randomly

Steps to reproduce

  1. open up the iPad app
  2. connect Magic Trackpad (external one or a one with the keyboard etui - same in both cases) or a mouse (Magic Mouse)
  3. ensure that that system settings have a “tap to click” disabled for the trackpad (the tap to click actually works fine, the problem is when actually clicking)
  4. start clicking with single finger on some of the folders (or left mouse button)
  5. some of the clicks are registered like a right click (double finger click on trackpad) and are showing the menu instead of folding/unfolding the folder

This also happens with a Magic Mouse left click and an MX Ergo mouse left click.,

This happens with and without plugins.

Expected result

With a trackpad/mouse connected, a single finger click/left click should not trigger the “right click” menu.

Actual result

Clicking with a “single finger” on a trackpad/left button on mouse triggers a “right click” menu.


My iPad app version is: 1.5.8
iPadOS: 17.4

Additional information

From my understanding, this has something to do for how long the trackpad click and left button is clicked. But it does trigger in some cases way too soon I think, making the left click feeling bugged, as it opens up the menu instead of doing its left click job (opening file/toggling directory).

Attaching a video of how it looks like when I am “spamming” left click - not holding it for too long: Watch RPReplay_Final1710838882 | Streamable - its not “That” visible on the recording, but it does show the pointer and how often I click it and for how long.

This perhaps is kind of similar to: iPad app: right click from track pad opens two menus, making the first menu (the one that should appear) unusable but its not entirely the same thing, as I am not expecting the right click menu to appear, while this other reports is about the right click itself.

Does it happen in a new vault?

Yeah, it does happen there as well.

Here’s recording: Watch RPReplay_Final1710849772 | Streamable


related: iOS 17 adds new 'Fast' long-press speed option to open context menus more quickly - 9to5Mac

I have this option set to default. but I will give the slow one a try. perhaps it will lower the occurrence of this for my case.

adding some more info that the case still exists with newest version: 1.5.11

I tested the Slow mode for a bit, and it doesn’t seem to help me much.

My clicks are shorter than one second, even if I am not “rushing” them, where the Slow mode seems to be 2-3 seconds for the “haptic” to trigger. I am definitely not holding the trackpad clicked for that long.

It seems to be “easier” to trigger the problem if I am willingly holding the click on the folder for the first time, lifting the finger off to get the menu pop up, and then I try it click in a regular fashion - the menu then starts appearing randomly on some of the clicks I am making.